We have a clear focus on customer service and providing our customers with the easiest possible transition in to either selling or purchasing their property. Providing diverse solutions for our customers forms the basis of our organisation. We tailor a unique experience for each individual with a forthright commitment to putting our vendors best interests first.
JA Realty Group is a bespoke agency that works closely alongside a captive local audience and a select group of customer centric developers. This requires us to focus and specialise on a certain area of the Melbourne property market.


The core focus of JA Realty Group are the localities where we anticipate growth. The continual gentrification and development of infrastructure with additional lifestyle facilities and shopping hubs are some indicators of local growth. Melbourne's East and South East suburbs situated between 10km to 30km from Melbourne's CBD, are the perfect examples of how several quality amenities are driving a substantial and consistent growth for property owners.

High quality primary and secondary education as well as world class transport links via road and rail, ensures that the housing market will continue to attract large volumes of high quality residents. Furthermore, skilled workforces consisting of both white and blue collar industries are supporting a broad array of new employment opportunities and consistently lower unemployment levels.


The process of buying and selling property is the largest transaction that most individuals will ever manage, so we strive to ensure that this process is professional, seamless and enjoyable for both the vendor and agent.